Sopur Helium

Announcing Helium from Sopur The lightest adult active wheelchair, from just under 6.5 kg*. Ultra-lightweight, outstanding
rigidity for the ultimate ride and supreme adjustabiliy. Helium encompasses the latest in cycle and automotive racing
technologies for the 2010 decade. Designed & engineered from the latest ultra-light formed aluminium technology,
Helium is the lightest, most manoeuvrable manual wheelchair ever conceived. *for a wheelchair in 40 sw x 40cm sd
inc wheels, footrest, skirt guard & brakes

Product highlights

Invisible Castor Fork Adjustment
A patented mechanism that hides the fork angle adjustment inside the castor tube. Easy adjustment, less materials and smooth styling

Lightweight back angle adjustment
Helium offers fixed, folding and folding/double locking backrests. Easy to adjust from -15 to +35 degrees to the frame.
Less materials, less weight..

Quick and simple light centre of gravity adjustment
Loosen two screws each side and slide the COG along the frame. No need to remove skirt guards. 7.2cms of infinite adjustment
for fine balance.

Ergonomic compact wheel locks
Minimalist, easy to lock. Can be screwed direct to the frame (on 0 and 3 degree camber only). Also suitable for 'quads' (option)